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Airfreight permits to ensure the shortest possible delivery time of goods being the most convenient and often the only way of delivery.

For many years, airfreight is our main activity, besides we rely on long-standing relationships with major air carriers. During our work, we have gained considerable experience in the field of irfreight of cargo. For our customers we develop an optimum route of transportation of cargo and help with the choice of all related services, documentation and consolidation of your goods.

Airfreight of cargo by «AVIA ALLIANCE» covers the geography of the whole territory of the Russian Federation.

Our company can arrange airfreights by cargo and passenger regular flights, charter cargo flights, helicopters.

The core activity of the AVIA ALLIANCE is providing services for air cargo transportation in the framework of the direct agency agreements with the airlines to offer customers floor prices for services.

On our website, you can always see the rates on cargo transportations by regular flights of the airlines, with the rules for their application and implementation of transportations, and send a request for cargo’s shipment.

Rates for carriage of cargo by regular flights of the airlines.

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Organization of charter cargo flights and carriage of cargo by helicopters allows providing of transportation of non-standard cargo (urgent cargoes, special types of cargoes, heavy cargoes, outsize cargoes, dangerous cargoes, valuable goods, perishable goods) to the remotest parts of the country in the shortest possible time.

Close collaboration with the airlines allows us to arrange cargo charter flights that meet the most stringent requirements. We carry out transportation by cargo planes of different tonnage — from 3 tons (AN-26) to 120 tons (AN-124).

Qualification of AVIA ALLIANCE’s specialists permits to organize transportation of dangerous goods by air. Dangerous goods are substances or articles that could create a threat to human health, safety of property or the environment. They are listed in the dangerous goods list in the " International Civil Aviation Organisation Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air" ICAO Doc 9284 AN/905 (abbreviated as" ICAO TI) and are classified in accordance with these instructions.

Permitted air cargo carriage, allowed under the ICAO TI, on condition that the goods:

  • classified (defined hazard class, UN number and packing group);
  • are properly described in the «sender’s Declaration on dangerous goods», and applied with documentation which is required by the ICAO TI;
  • packaged in prescribed packaging sets in accordance with packing instructions TI ICAO;
  • marked, have the labels and the danger signs with the designation of processing rules
  • are in proper condition for air carriage in accordance with the ICAO TI.


Service from «door to door» is one of the type of integrated transportation, the main advantage of which is the sending/receiving of goods without leaving of your home/office.


Along with the airfreights on the territory of the Russian Federation, in the range of services, the «AVIA ALLIANCE» includes air cargo services in near and far abroad. We will arrange for you international flights as soon as possible, the whole process facilitated by concluded agency agreements with airline companies and the work of qualified personnel. Competent specialists will select for you the most convenient route of export shipment abroad, depending on the category and the weight of goods, required time of delivery, also will consult the rates on international shipments and all required for process documents.


Multimodal transportation of goods means to deliver cargo from point of departure to a point of arrival, at least, by two types of transport. In the most complex case, the multimodal transportation carries out by all kinds of transport: road, railway, water and air.

In such cases, «AVIA ALLIANCE» offers multimodal carriage of goods, where the goods under one contract, deliver by several types of transport.

Selection of the optimum combination of types of transport, thorough route planning, reliable forwarding and transportation monitoring — this allows the «AVIA ALLIANCE» guarantee timely delivery of the goods at the best price.

While multimodal transportation, on each section of route, transit cargo delivers by company-carrier, which is focused on a particular market. The company «AVIA ALLIANCE» acts as a multimodal operator, which is responsible for transportation of the goods throughout the entire route. «AVIA ALLIANCE» signs with the customer a single contract for the whole transportation, by which our company undertakes to deliver the goods at a specified place and within a clearly defined time frame.

The main advantages of multimodal transportations:

  • the flexibility of cargo transportation;
  • possibility of delivery of any cargo to any point;
  • one multimodal operator — full and unified liability for cargo.


For the client’s convenience to determine current status of the shipped goods, the company «AVIA ALLIANCE» presents on the website service for tracking of cargo. With using of this function, it is possible to obtain information about the current location of cargo and provided volume of services at the moment.


Russia has the second largest railway network, which total operating length is over 86 000 km. Possibility to transport various goods over vast distances, with minimum costs, makes transportation of goods by rail under the most popular type of cargo transportation.

Rail cargo transportation:

  • creates a high throughput for the movement of goods;
  • is effective transportation of goods for long distances;
  • provides a sufficiently high speed transportation of goods;
  • is ideal for the transport of certain goods;
  • differs by low self-cost and reduces transportation costs.

Rail cargo transportation is an extra service, entered by our company in order to optimize client’s costs. Rail transportation carries out by postal vans, assorted lading railway wagon, containers. Now, turning to us, you will not only get unlimited carrying potentialities in any city of Russia, which has rail links, but also considerably save your money.

The considerable experience gained by us in the area of rail transport, worked through technology of planning and execution of operations, as well as a wide range of additional services that allow us to provide our customers with services of rail transport at the highest level and at the best rates.


Non-standard cargo creates the non-standard problems. It is impossible to use conventional transport as a usual route, too. How to load, how to fasten, how to draw up the documents? There are a score of questions.

List of non-standard or oversized cargo could be endlessly replenished with unique goods — from yachts and pit-run dredgers up to steam boilers and turbines, each of which has a particular shape, weight and size. Almost every one of them is a heavy load and requires individual calculation.

When forming the route the main principle is to ensure the safety of transportation of goods.

A working out of the movement plan is stipulated by special documents which regulating, in particular:

  • main factors of motor vehicles;
  • the special conditions of carriage;
  • composition of the organizations involved in the agreement of the route and overseeing implementation of transport operations;
  • organizational duties of the parties, and so on.

Information regarding shipment comes from the client and carrier, and data about the transport network presents by appropriate road organization. Inasmuch as the general transport network is not always suitable for the carriage of cargo, the route is forming with consideration the probability of passage through these or other roads. Therefore, on separate stages of route’s forming it is necessary to provide alternative options for transportation.


Maritime and river transport are the most simple, reliable and optimal by costs. We are pleased to offer you a full complex of services of the organization of transportation cargo by sea, river transport, including sea/river freight organization, port forwarding services, as well as the subsequent delivery of the goods by other types of transport — road, railway, aviation.


Road transport of goods plays an important role in the Russian companies system of logistic and commodity circulation. Russia has an extensive cargo road network of different categories, which allows delivery of various, including outsize cargo, almost anywhere in the country.

Dignity of highways is in maneuverability, flexibility and speed.

«AVIA ALLIANCE» in the transport services market is providing various services of truck delivery, such as: forwarding from the door of the customer/client’s warehouse to the airport of departure (and vice versa), long-haul transportation of cargo by road, trucking the goods within the city. In addition, the client can make a choice of various types of vehicles for a small-size cargoes and big-size cargoes, as well as for cargoes, which require special conditions of transportation (dangerous goods, goods with special temperature conditions and transportation).

Besides, to services on transportation of cargoes by motor transport, our company offers its clients a wide range of additional services. These include:

  • help in registration of documents for transportation;
  • cargo insurance;
  • loading / unloading using special machinery.

Our company applies an individual approach to each client, before sending or after receipt of the goods. You can take advantage of our warehouse, as well as services for weighing, labelling and packaging of the goods.


Safety of goods is a priority to ensure the trust of our customers. Providing transport-forwarding services, we strive to protect our customers from all kinds of material risks associated with carriage of cargo.

Insurance is a mechanism by which the employer (insured) takes away the financial impact of risk and shifts them to the insurance company (insurer).

The company «AVIA ALLIANCE» provides the possibility to insure the goods for carriage in the insurance companies from our business partners.


Special packing of cargo is essential condition for safe and quality transportation. High-quality materials, careful selection of the type of packaging according to the cargo transportation is also important to determine the most reliable protection and optimal costs of packaging options.


In the age of speed and dynamic development, express delivery services are often demanded. Usually this way delivers urgent documents and small shipments. To arrange such transportations the company «AVIA ALLIANCE» uses air transport capabilities. This service allows delivering of the documents and goods from town to town in a matter of hours.